Sunday, 30 November 2008

Dinner Date

I've just got back from Sam's house - his real house, not the crummy green shed he supposedly lives in - after indulging in a delicious meal with his family.
Some of you, by which I mean our two dedicated followers, may be wondering why we have not made a video since 'Uncut!', which admittedly seems like forever ago.
Well, we actually filmed a new video a good few weeks ago, but due to travel complications caused by my moving house - the effects are taking their toll - we have been unable to edit together. Good old Sam wouldn't be able to bare/bear (sp?) editting without me. Because if he screwed up, I'd slaughter him!
But don't worry, because today, as I said, I was round his house, and we intended to film another video AND edit both the new and old ones! However, due to technical errors, we were unable to do so. God hates us, basically.
So now we've got a good half an hour's worth of footage, and no video. But I've decided that Sam should just go ahead and edit without me - I'm prepared to make that sacrifice. Hopefully a new video will be up soon. I can't hold the excitement in, so I'll tell you now, the two videos are called:
'Tom's Last Sleepover'
'Dinner Date'
So this blog title has a double meaning. Goshdarn - Always one step ahead!


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Fernando said...

I'm pleased to hear from you. We had already begun to venerate pagan gods. You see… don't you think that I'm a fanaticus, but I must confess that I was expecting you. Certainly, it isn't a significant fact the delayed time between the publication of a video and another. It isn't a project that had to be received at a deadline (and new British generations have dashed the myth of Phileas Fogg's punctuality). Although we know that it often takes place -technical, meteorological, divine- setbacks. The point is that you don't leave the game; much less at this moment when everybody knows that you've become into an awesome psychodramatic duet.
This time we'll forgive you but, I warn you that if it happens again I'll talk with my colle… colleag… colleagues [I couldn't pronounce this] to carry out an Intercontinental Goshdarn Followers Strike (for the renovation of contents) [Yes, I know… my foreign humour sucks].
Oh, an one more thing. If you use Windows as OS, let me recommend an edition software, better than conventional Movie Maker, but more 'efficient' (this not imply 'hard to use'). I'm talking about Vegas Movie Studio (the Platinum Pro version). Check the link, you may be interested: You can download the free trial (I think).
Well, I don't want to cause more 'interpretation pains' because of my surrealist English. I'm-afraid-that-my-words-could-be-a-code-that-you-would-have-to-decipher-as-archaeologists (Why the Oxford Learner's Dictionary hates me so much? I swear that I would speak betar… d'oh! better )
Ok. That's all folks! I'm glad because you've returned.