Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Man, I just had a very close encounter with eternal doom. Sam would have ripped my heart right out.

I was on the Blogger general site, and was looking at some other people's blogs, and saw that some have more than one page to them. I decided that I wanted one!

So I typed into Google 'Blogger Templates' and found one I liked. So I was experimenting around and accidentally deleted the original. I pooped myself a little. After realising that I should have saved the HTML code for the original, I panicked and quickly put the original back together.

Can you notice the screwups or any other major changes? I really hope not...

Breathe, Tom. Breathe...


Building up a Gallery...

Just a quick one to show you this...

If you're a Goshdarn website regular, you probably know about our potentially 'Number One Fan' Fernando from Argentina. I just read an email he sent us, and attached to it was this beauty!

I really think we're building up a Goshdarn gallery. I might sort out the website to accomodate it... Hmm...


Friday, 20 February 2009

New Goshdarn Photos

Whilst filming a new video and editting a further two, Sam and I decided that we needed a new background image for our YouTube page, due to Sam's dad claiming that it's too confusing, or something to that effect...

So, we whacked out a camera, took some snaps, and then proceeded to 'hire' my good friend Karen to Photoshop them for us. Being the brilliant mastermind that she is, it was done within hours, and she emailed them back to me, and below are what I think are the best three.




Damn, that takes up a lot of room... But it's so worth it! Look how super-cool they are! Oh my God!

Right, well, that's pretty much it. There'll be another update on Sunday, because me and Sam should be filming and hopefully editting the last two for this 'series' as I am calling it. We'll also hopefully decide on a release day and the date for our first video. The anticipation is really getting to me now. I'm not even kidding, but I have butterflies right now, just thinking about how cool it's going to be!

I'm going to update the YouTube page now, so hopefully within a few moments you should see some exciting changes!


Tuesday, 10 February 2009

See all our videos...

I have to write this quick-sharp because I'm heading off to school in a moment...

But over the last two days I've been working my bum off to try and make all the videos able to appear on the site, and last night, if you were reading the blog, you would have noticed some changes...

First of all, you can now email us by clicking on the link above, as well as checking our YouTube and Facebook as normal. But what's newest is the thing on the right.

Where is used to say 'Recent Videos' you could click on links to our three most recent videos and watch them via YouTube. But now... (dad-da-da-da!) ...you can just click on this link that says 'More Videos' and it'll take you to another blog with every video we've released on it. That should make everything easier for you lovely people.

Well, I've got to hit the road now, but I hope my time and slaving away has been worth it!


Sunday, 8 February 2009

Goshdarn is Goshdarn In Spanish

After discovering our first foreign fan (that can't speak English, Fernando!) had left a comment on a post (Goshdarn Series 1) I decided to find out what he was saying. Fortunately I took Spanish as a GCSE. Unfortunately I got an E. Therefore - as I told Fernando - I don't really qualify to translate accurately. So, with a little help from Google Translater, I translated the following...

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡qué tíos más ocurrentes sois vosotros!!!!!!!! ¡vaya que me habéis hecho desplomar de risa con vuestros videos, coño! joder si estos tíos nacieron para hacernos carcajear,, perdonadme por no saber decir ni jota, es que me niego a escribir al revés de simón, un cariño desde españa

Google gave me the following translation:

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ More silly you are what you guys !!!!!!!! Oops collapses that have made me laugh with your videos, p*ssy! f*ck if these guys were born to make us laugh,, perdonadme for not knowing jack say is that I refuse to write upside down Simon, a love from spain

As far as I can translate from Google (they might as well be speaking their own language) it means the following:

You guys are very silly. Your videos are so funny that you make me collapse. These guys were born to make us laugh. Pardon me for...

Then I get very confused and give up. But thanks to Simon for that!


Sneaky Peeky


As promised though, here are some sneaky peek pictures of what we were filming only yesterday... The context and the shoddy camera-work will all become apparent come March. Only three more videos to film, and only four more to edit. The anticipation is killing me...

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Goshdarn 'Series 1'

Sam and I are now well on our way to having all of our videos ready for March! We've filmed three out of the six, and I have editted one myself, but the other two need some work.

I am personally really excited about what's to come in March, and it's going to be awesome. Super-cool. I really want to say more, but I'm not sure if I can/should. It's very tantalising.

On another note, we've had about three days off school de to snow, which doesn't happen very often, so that was quite cool. That gave us some time to film and edit, and we've got some time off coming up, and we've got all the videos planned out, so we're not that worried about meeting the deadline. I imagine that the first video will be released as soon as March hits, and March 1st is a Friday, so as things seem, Friday could well be the 'Goshdarn' day. Of course, if Friday was the day for YouTube, Thursday would be the website release. I canne' wait.

Sneaky-peeky photos will hopefully be coming soon, so keep an eye open. And be patient - it'll be worth it in the end.