Monday, 14 September 2009


Holy sweet mother of mothers of sweet holy mothers! I just got splurged in the face by another great Goshdarn video!

Excuse the innuendo if you will, but I had to try to distract you whilst I uploaded this video, which has admittedly been a long time in the works. Although only shot in one day, the idea has been circulating for some time, and it has been a little too long between now and our previous video.

But fear not, here it is. Surprise!

Is it just me or does our sense of humour make you want to be sick too?



Fernando said...

You don't need even a minute to materialise a pristine inspiration. You don't need even a minute to put all the black heralds in a row and set a stage on which to deploy all the potential marvels of your imagination!

I'm fascinated by the bipolarity games and the macabre interplays between the one who is under the normal standards and the one who comes out of cognition conventions. I love the fact that it’s not quite clear which of the two plays the sane one and which the sick.

This time, bipolarity put Sam on the rational side of the thin line, which doesn't seem to get out of the yardstick until the final dialogue. There is a surprise for the watcher in Sam’s response; Sam's final sentence may disappoint the ordinary viewer but brings a delighted smile for the Goshdarnian one.

What’s the difference between these two types of audiences? Basically, the Goshdarnian viewer has a little damage in the hippocampus, but otherwise... What is imperfect is the common sense that ignores definitions! Fools who believe in common sense, look at what an Encyclopaedia says: "A surprise is a brief emotional state (...) that can have any valence; that is, it can be neutral, pleasant, or unpleasant." There’s nothing irregular in this film!

Furthermore, Tom’s fear of brownies has a convincing explanation. I spent months studying the broccoli to understand Tom and Sam's thinking, but I concluded that this noble vegetable doesn't reveal its mysteries. It's time to start studying the brownie.

This video has the charm of the essentiality. It's like a piece of poetry in which there is no primary adjective omitted - it's perfect. And it's like a brownie, which needs to have the right proportion of sugar and eggs to remain in a solid layer on the surface and an interior that is soft and moist. In the brownie lies the conception of the essential, I think that's why Tom is so afraid of it.

As you can see, the Goshdarnians, the beings that you created, are in good health. Answer my whole comment to your enquiry?

Now dearly beloved fellows, before the people dressed in white come back, I will fly from the long corridors to the garden fountain, where an old priest is being led down the stairs by the hand of Marco Polo... Poor man, he believes he is blind.

Anonymous said...

TOM get too work on your A2s, dont make me come out there, I know where you dwell at school!