Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Ball Game

Shamefully it has been almost three months since our last video, which is a long long time.

But fear not, dear stalkers! Here is the latest video, straight from the press, with another to come next week, and many more following that. Hopefully one for Christmas, dare we make that promise!

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Fernando said...

Downtown Burj, Dubai. Two days later.

I had lost all expectation of seeing those two amazing beings together again; I thought this was the end…

That was how, kept standing by the weak strand of the hopelessness, I went to spend my last days at a hotel in the United Arab Emirates, the tallest structure made by the human empire.

My object: to jump into the void giving my dispossessed life a conclusion, once they have completed the 80 days without them.

I've never seen a hotel like this. People were constantly scandalised by its opulence and its stature; they took photographs and bathed naked in mud, but none of those risible behaviour attracted me.

I didn't want to torn lining my soul in tears: I only agreed to eat some white peas and play some chess with the Prime Minister, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. I still, to this day, remember his slap: ‘This is the tenth checkmate I’ve been able to do without using my queen. What’s wrong with you today, you fool!’

My eyes had glazed over - I was lost in the memories of previous months, as they faded into mist. (Well, the mist gives it a more melancholy touch. Actually, there was a sun that broke the earth.) All my happiness had been imprisoned in two colours that I'd never see combined again: green and red.

‘I am sorry, Mister Prime Minister,’ I said taciturnly. I paid 2 Dirhams to the waitress and flew my Aladdin carpet to my lonely room.
Upon entering, the Prime Minister was ethereal lying in my bedroom. (It's not what you imagine, folks, he's a married man with 16 wives...)

When I approached him, he opened his tunic and said: ‘Here’s all that you need, boy.’ Erm… he opened his tunic and pulled out a crystal ball! So it was.

That was how I saw this video. I laughed so hard after 79 days, 2 hours and 33 minutes of maddening absence. I was very happy.

I ate some more peas and made my way back home on a lame camel.

That's my real story, guys. Thanks to go back and make us all happy!