Saturday, 12 December 2009

Mario and Luigi

How interesting... Is it just me or is there a shocking similarity between your two favourite video game characters and ... those two annoying Italian plumbers?

Not to blow my own horn, but this is perhaps one of the easiest videos we've ever made, but also one of the must fun and funniest. But don't take my word for it. Judge for yourself.

Everybody knows somebody like this, don't they?


Fernando said...

“Is too sublime, too deep for me ;
and all my vain imaginings.”

For those who observe this video from a simplistic perspective, it is a simple video. For those who view it from its inside, from its neurosis, and can appreciate the purity and most especially the pathology of its humour-beyond-humour, being able to suspend themselves in every instant… this video is immense.

Of all acting resources, perhaps one of the most I love is improvisation. Videos where the dialogue emerges by itself, where nothing is previously defined, where every gesture is unconscionable... such videos are exciting - both for those who interpret them and for those who enjoy them watching.

I enjoyed every second of it, simply because that's exactly what I like about you. It is precisely such warmth of the raw human side (everything which is exteriorised without being deliberated / everything that reason would correct in a second instance / everything which is simultaneously real, overdone and charming) ... this is just what defines our laughter.

In case you didn't understand this entire 'gray nebula,' just stick with one sentence for now: I liked the video.

I hope you feel that I love what you do and I want you to never go away from here again for so many days. Please. Please never stop making us laugh with absurdity! I’d also like that you don’t taste my new prose as if it were a very salty fish or a naturally fermented shellfish... Tom's the only guilty, Sammy, but I'm very grateful to him for that.

I'll keep the hope to see that Christmas video wherever I am that day.

(unplugged & unshaved translation)

Anonymous said...

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La Sauciere Folle (The Mad Sauce Chef) said...

You guys are crackin me up! Ha, Good shenanigans to ya.

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Anonymous said...

hey boys! PLEASE COME BACK! your videos are awesome! I was just thinking why you didn't make more videos for some reason.. If you read this, please respond. XD