Friday, 23 January 2009

It's Me! Sam!

That's right. For once, I'm writing on the blog. Well, it's that or prepare for my English oral (giggle) exam.

So, guys. I'm really sorry for the delay/lack of videos recently. But me having a bunch of exams recently and Tom being so, so far away, we finding it really hard to film/edit. But we are trying.

We've got at least 3 videos lined up that just need to be edited, and Tom's told you about the half term plan, so yeah. It's gonna be great.

Don't leave us. We need you guys.



Anonymous said...

I'm still here!

Take your time, and have fun filming. :)

Fernando said...

Relax Sam, no one will leave you! I will not leave you… well, with the exception of… you know… if I came to suffer a space alien abduction (very recurring in these latitudes)… or if a grand piano fell over my head… or if I drowned in pool, sexually harassed by a sort of big bubbles mutant lady … but, still... I'll be present, standing, support you until eternity... for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part. Amen. Hehehe...
Oh, I can't hear me! Seeking to be funny in other language is a very dangerous challenge. I know you understand me, but it's difficult for me to achieve the same effect… Anyway, you can laugh if you imagine I have a hilarious English voice…
Okay. Take your time, Sam. Try to find pleasure in study. If you have a lot of exams, try to combine the hours of study with short breaks. Knowledge is better assimilated if you, just for a small time, stop engines in order to... "defragment" your brain.
No need to go to this… Hogwarts School, I give you my secret potion… you needs 3 things: rest, oxygen and… chocolate!
Good Luck for your exams!


Peace-Script. Someday I'll learn to synthesize. I promise.

Anonymous said...

I better do not comment this time... (giggle)

Good luck!