Friday, 20 February 2009

New Goshdarn Photos

Whilst filming a new video and editting a further two, Sam and I decided that we needed a new background image for our YouTube page, due to Sam's dad claiming that it's too confusing, or something to that effect...

So, we whacked out a camera, took some snaps, and then proceeded to 'hire' my good friend Karen to Photoshop them for us. Being the brilliant mastermind that she is, it was done within hours, and she emailed them back to me, and below are what I think are the best three.




Damn, that takes up a lot of room... But it's so worth it! Look how super-cool they are! Oh my God!

Right, well, that's pretty much it. There'll be another update on Sunday, because me and Sam should be filming and hopefully editting the last two for this 'series' as I am calling it. We'll also hopefully decide on a release day and the date for our first video. The anticipation is really getting to me now. I'm not even kidding, but I have butterflies right now, just thinking about how cool it's going to be!

I'm going to update the YouTube page now, so hopefully within a few moments you should see some exciting changes!



Fernando said...

Hahaha! Is it an advertising campaign?!
Only thing missing is your Culture Magazine feature with the interview…
Wow! Your outfit even matches the logo and that'll work wonders!
I think you should market your own exclusive perfume line. Have you already defined your own fragrance?
And some time later, when you are older, you could market your own wine. I can assist you providing the grape!


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