Sunday, 8 February 2009

Goshdarn is Goshdarn In Spanish

After discovering our first foreign fan (that can't speak English, Fernando!) had left a comment on a post (Goshdarn Series 1) I decided to find out what he was saying. Fortunately I took Spanish as a GCSE. Unfortunately I got an E. Therefore - as I told Fernando - I don't really qualify to translate accurately. So, with a little help from Google Translater, I translated the following...

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡qué tíos más ocurrentes sois vosotros!!!!!!!! ¡vaya que me habéis hecho desplomar de risa con vuestros videos, coño! joder si estos tíos nacieron para hacernos carcajear,, perdonadme por no saber decir ni jota, es que me niego a escribir al revés de simón, un cariño desde españa

Google gave me the following translation:

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ More silly you are what you guys !!!!!!!! Oops collapses that have made me laugh with your videos, p*ssy! f*ck if these guys were born to make us laugh,, perdonadme for not knowing jack say is that I refuse to write upside down Simon, a love from spain

As far as I can translate from Google (they might as well be speaking their own language) it means the following:

You guys are very silly. Your videos are so funny that you make me collapse. These guys were born to make us laugh. Pardon me for...

Then I get very confused and give up. But thanks to Simon for that!



Fernando said...

Goshdarn in Spanish, cool! (Or do I mean ¡Fantástico!)

Hi Tom! This is funny, I can't stop laughing…! Even if you had studied the Spanish language in GCSE for centuries, you would never be able to understand who wanted to said this… erm… perfectly respectable citizen...

Basically a few lines full of urban language! So, if you don't have the Spanish-world knowledge to read and adapt it into a standard Spanish, you wouldn't recognize a single word!

Google Translator is an efficiently Chomskyan interpreter... but it can't do magic!

I don't speak the same Spanish as Simón, but I can perfectly understand what he says. So, without further ado, and with the Simon's permission, I'll try to adapt it:

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡qué tíos más ocurrentes sois vosotros!!!!!!!!
[What an imaginative/creative people you are!]

¡vaya que me habéis hecho desplomar de risa con vuestros videos, coño!
[Wtf? You’re really good at this. I laugh far too much with your videos!
(I had to adapt it, but the message is the same)
// t.n. (i) “desplomar de risa” it’s a metaphor: ‘fall down because of the laughter’;
// t.n. (ii) “coño”: equivalent to say ‘f*ck’ - who mean literally... ‘p*ssy’.]

joder si estos tíos nacieron para hacernos carcajear
[Undoubtedly, you guys were born to make us laugh out loud!
//t.n. so hilarious and colloquial way to talking.]

perdonádme por no saber decir ni jota, es que me niego a escribir al revés
[Excuse me for not speaking in English; I refuse to write as you do.
// t.n. (i) "decir ni jota" (=‘not even knowing the j’): another ‘sweet’ expression (hehehe); this is equivalent to ‘I can't say anything in your language’;
// t.n. (ii) “escribir al revés” (=‘write upside-down’): a metaphor concerning to the English syntactic construction compared with the Spanish structure.]

de simón, un cariño desde españa
[Best wishes from Spain, Simón.]

Here's the complete adaptation:

What an imaginative people you are! Wtf? You’re really good at this. I laugh far too much with your videos! Undoubtedly, you guys were born to make us laugh out loud!
Excuse me for not speaking in English; I refuse to write as you do.
Best wishes from Spain, Simón.

Okay, that's all Tom! Thank you for considering us!
I just this moment realised that… you needed another translator to help you understand my English! (Hehehe)
A big hug for you and Sam! (a hug so big that it could be part of the NBA league)…

P.S. Eng. ‘Goshdarn’= Sp. ‘¡Diantres!’ (similar euphemism)

Cooperweb said...

On the other hand, if you do as I do, translate the original Spanish to French, then translate the French version to Czech, then translate the Czech version to English, you get this ..

"More ridiculous ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ you what you !!!!!!!! Sorry that I laugh with her collapsing videos, p***y! f**k if these people were born to us laugh, not to know. perdonadme JotA say is that I refuse to write the opposite. Simon, love Spain

Which of course makes perfect sense to me. But only if I imagine it in the voice in Slingblade.

Looks like you folks are going global.

Anonymous said...

I followed this blog from youtube and its quite entertaining, but these comments on the translation are hilarious.

Simón Dieguez said...

¡chachi! pues se agradece el trabajito de traducción, fer , pero que es eso de perfecto ciudadano… sa jodio, que solo tengo 17 años, soy un niño sevillano y por supuesto no soy un delincuente! jajaja, y mira que recién ahora descubro que eres argentino, vaya que me agrada argentina, y las más hermosas gentes!!!

Tom said...

¡Baybeh! thanks for the translation job, fer, but that is perfect for people sa ... Jodie, who only got 17 years, I am a child of Seville and of course I am not a criminal! jajaja, and see you just now discover that you are Argentine, go I like Argentina and the most beautiful people!


Fernando said...

Hehehe..."Baybeh!"... "sa ... Jodie"... That's hilarious, Tom!

Simon said something like,

“Whoa! Thanks for translating my comment, Fer [abbrev-mode]! But, what do you mean by... 'perfectly... citizen'? WTF?! I'm only 17 years old! I'm from Seville town and I am not a hustler! (LOL)
I just now realized that you are an Argentinian. Wonderful people! I love Argentina!”


Mi respuesta a Simón:
| My response to Simon, |

Me complace leeros, Simón.
| I'm pleased, Simon. |
Es muy disparatada vuestra forma de hablar, pero intenta hacer uso de un español más estándar para que nuestros amigos puedan acertar cuanto menos un vago concepto de lo que quieres tramitarles. Sabes que ellos no dominan el dilecto andaluz...
| Your writing is hilarious, but I suggest you try to use standard Spanish so our friends will be able to comprehend even a little. As you know, they can't understand Andalusian... |
Yo también adoro tu país, y especialmente tu ciudad, la de los grandes poetas del Siglo de Oro. Además, tengo familiares en el Barrio de Triana.
| I too love your country so much and your city in particular (that of the great poets of the ‘Golden Age’). Even, I have some family members that live in the Barrio de Triana. |

|-Ferdinand (?) | LOL

P.S. Hope that helps, Tom!

Tom said...

What's funny is you could be saying anything, and I'm none the wiser! :D

Fernando said...

Alright, I changed the message. In fact, Simon said something very different but… it's a secret of the translator...
You'll never know what Simon really said! He's in my evil power now... Muahahahaha!
- The Ruby Slippers! Give me those Ruby Slippers Little Simon!


Simón Dieguez said...

simpático… pues vaya que no… me niego, me niego y me niego joder… pues si no entienden mi idioma que tomen un cursito acelerao, que no es así chaval... que yo no pienso decir una sola palabra en inglés… jajajajajaja que bromeo

Fernando said...

Hi guys! I never imagined becoming a translator… I don't like it much. Rather, I mean, I don't trust in translations because there isn't a biuniqueness of terms and expressions between our two languages. It gives only notions of its true nuance, but don't carry the idiosyncrasy of each language through. Similar is not exact, but of course we can adapt it.

Simon said (unambiguously),

“Well, I appreciate the offer, but my answer is… ‘nope’. I refuse, refuse, and refuse! If they do not understand my language, please teach them quickly. Personally, I would never speak a single word in English. Hehehe - I'm kidding, of course.”

That sounds hilarious in Spanish, although the translation neutralizes terms. I am not an authority in this field, but I did the best I could! :D

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