Sunday, 30 August 2009

A Spoonful of Sugar

Sweet Abraham's beard!

Sam got back from holiday either yesterday or today, and called me this morning. After making a Goshdarn splurging based decision, here is the video that you've been waiting for - the video that will put Goshdarn back into action, back on the map, back in business!



Fernando said...

After returning from a long and strenuous trip (as a refugee) aboard the Trans Siberian railway, I found myself in the Tower of Ostreg, a Russian fort in Yakutsk. Taking my fur hat and my harpoon, I headed north, seeking a seal for tea. Suddenly, a reindeer blocked my path and lead me to a faun’s home. That's how I heard about your new video...

We had already forgotten the concept of laughter and its applications. I had to oil my jaw again. It had been two months since producing such healthy, articulatory movements. I'm also in high spirits because the Goshdarn Life Circle repeats itself - and is eternal ... Thanks for your splendid reincarnations!

Sam makes me laugh to tears! I adore that role of ‘intractable youngster’ he plays sometimes. I like when he speaks with absolute conviction and ignores his friend, a ‘normal’ boy. This asymmetry always fascinates me. You both are extraordinary, guys.

I think if it was removed the (unimpeachable) scene at the end it would be like tearing the Tell-Tale Heart of Goshdarn - here is the whole ‘Expressionism’ of your physiological humour. I want to hug your exultant homecoming!

High-definition + profound alterations in perception of reality (I don't think they were effects) = 'splurging'.

Tom commented on his blog that has designated this term to indicate the fusion of these two contents. I was thinking how necessary it would be the creation of a Goshdarn Dictionary, developed by Tom and Sam and used by all members of this 'brotherhood' – or only by those who are baptized and, according to sex, circumcised – as a sacred contact secret language. Just for avoiding use the earthly (plebeian) words. You know, Goshdarn has a spiritual connotation – at least for me. We need that dictionary!


Fernando said...

Now that you’ve returned to the ‘scholastic method’, how will we know when your next creations come out? I know we all have a life and obligations but I do love this site and I really miss your old enthusiasm.

Someone please back me up! What do the other followers think? It doesn’t cost anything to comment. If you stop to watch a video on this page and enjoy it, please leave a comment. Tom and Sam do an extraordinary job and receive very little feedback, which is discouraging and lead them to pay little attention to this site.

It seems that there is only one explanation: LAZINESS ... What's wrong guys?! Am I the only one who cares? It takes no time to write a simple ‘It was hilarious.’ Tom and Sam have no way of guessing the reception of their videos. They need your words of support or even criticism. What they do is exceptional. Let's support them!

If you stop by here, please don’t be a spy, leave your footprint.