Monday, 5 January 2009

Shotgun - First Post of 2009!

Oh, I'm too cool.

Just to warn you, don't expect any videos for a little while, but do expect a big surprise that with it will bring a whole host of fun, and a little bit of wee. You'll love it.

I'm not sure if I let anybody know about this, but by looking just above, you should be able to subscribe to our RRS feed. Or maybe it's RSS. I have no idea. And also, we now have a Facebook group. You'll join, they all do... The link is both at the top of the page, and right here:

Hopefully that'll work. Or you'll be able to hack into my Facebook account. Either way, that's surely motivation to make you support us in every way possible!



Anonymous said...

Yay, surprises! :)

Fernando said...

Well, I'm grateful for the invitation, but —refering to me— I haven't created a Facebook account. It's not that in Argentina —this exotic country that I'm writing from— we don't use this net, but most of my friends —even foreigns— are suscripted to a local net (and one more at the University). So, they don't use Facebook. Unfortunately, in this rural monarchy (I'm being too sarcastic) prevails another social network. In view of that, Facebook is used less than in Kirghizstan or in the Gaza Strip…
However, when I have time, I'll create an account, because you deserve a very special treatment. Ouch! I've just got shot in my arm... I cannot continue writing...


Cooperweb said...

Hello from middle America. A note to let you know I enjoy most of your videos.

I follow a small group of well known community YT'ers to chart their success and of course contemplate how to rip off their successful style. But thought I'd let you gents know that GD has infected that list. But unlike STD's, it is a welcomed infection. Your work combines an infectious spirit and often clever dialogue that I hope most catch on to. <- Did I dangle my participle?

Anyway much success in 2009 and keep on keeping on.

Fernando said...

We are waiting for your surprise.
(Remember, we love you)


Anonymous said...

hi all