Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Day of Emergency!

The title for this post originated from the Latin word, Goshdarnicus, which is the pluperfect term of Goshdus, meaning 'incredibly sexy and awesome'. It's an adjective. - Sam Walls [Book XXXXXXXII ... all of it.]

There is no better day, than that day in which a thing is conceived which lives to be greater than day itself. - Tom Rippon [Book IV, Chapter III, Verse VII, Word VIII]

In honour of Goshdarn's second birthday we have quoted famous philosophers. They weren't famous for being philosophers, and they were only famous amongst the people that knew them, but they were famous philosophers, nonetheless. They came up with such proverbs as 'Worship Goshdarn, and you shall worship yourself.' [Sam Walls Book I]

What we're getting at here is that we are more than false idols... SHUT UP SAM!

No, what we're getting at today is...

Have you never wondered why another name for the Earth is Goshdarn? We created it!

Silencio, fool! Today is the 15th of April. No Sam, not 1972! 2009!

For the more aware friends of Goshdarn, you will know that the date can only mean one thing. Today is the birthday of Goshdarn! We share it with the greats: Leonardo da Vinci, Emma Watson, and Japanese actor and singer Daiki Arioka!

Two years today!

Thanks to all our good friends and fans for the support they've given us over this time!

We love you long time.




Fernando said...

We love you more! You created us...

But who the hell is Daiki Arioka?!

Cooperweb said...

Happy Goshdarnicus day one and all.

In honor of sharing it with DaVinci, I shall repaint the Mona Lisa giving her mysterious smile a Heath Ledger joker make over.

In honor of sharing it with Emma Watson I shall ... umm ... I shall guzzle 12 pints of beer for MySpace pix then fix someones glasses with a wave of a wand.

In honor of sharing it with Daiki Arioka I will put too much starch in my unmentionables. Wait that's Chinese stereotyping ... fine I'll feast on a ball of wasabi.

But congrats. To think you have created videos for two whole years on YouTube with the same intense vigor and all the while improving on the process says a lot about commitment and talent. You have survived and prevailed where many other talented folk have fizzled and surrendered. It is commendable and a testament to strength of character and commitment to craft. You have every right to feel accomplished, proud and deserving.

I think you should commemorate the event with a video announcing it in text while you sing "I will survive" over it. Lol. I really do. :)