Thursday, 9 April 2009

The End Of An Era!

So, today is the 9th of April, and unfortunately - as happens to all good things - Goshdarn Series 1 has to draw to a close.

It's been six awesome weeks, and six (hopefully) awesome videos. Thanks to everybody that's watched and subscribed and commented and loved over that short space of time.

But, sadly, it has to end some time. And so, it gives us great pleasure to end Goshdarn Series 1 with one of the most exciting, climactic and potentially confusing storylines ever used for a Goshdarn video. This is Dinner Date.

Dinner Date from Goshdarn on Vimeo.

We hope you have enjoyed the last six weeks as much as we have, because ... well ... we really have.

Thanks to everybody who has made Goshdarn Series 1 a success! We love all of you!



Fernando said...

It looks like a parody of those special interest films you so often see in French cinemas, with warped personalities and confused story lines, which never result in unravelling themselves.

Everyone who has endured this kind of movie - and still has confidence in Cartesian Reason - probably had to rewind scenes several times to try to find an argument to justify all this cinematographic chaos.

As a result, we assume either that we are idiots or that the director doesn’t give a **** about the neglected viewer, or both.

In this case, the director waits until the end - or rather, extends the end to declare that he doesn’t give a **** about the viewer, which is extremely funny.

Your expressive capacity (and your mastery of the absurd) amazes me!

P.S. I’ll be back in a few hours.

Fernando said...

Guys, I'd like to make an assessment of Series 1.

I hope you don’t take this gesture as an overestimation of your work. This is a game. You expect that someone will watch your video, enjoy it and (hopefully) leave a comment. This is how it goes.

I am a viewer, someone who honestly enjoys your videos as much as you do. Please don't feel that I am on here because I have too much time on my hands. I really love what you do and I think the complete Series 1 deserves great appreciation.

My opinion is neither objective nor complete; I just want to underline some points. You can agree or disagree with it because you have a more sensitive eye than mine.

* Music. It replaces a narrator in a written story. Music is not a detail, it is elemental. Music installs an appropriate climax and is able to express feelings and configure atmospheres. Your choice of music is impeccable in all your videos.

* Filming / Shots / Editing. Through the editing you are ordering perception according to a particular point of view, in addition to providing some visual effects that make your videos look more attractive. They have a very high standard of presentation. You have obviously paid close attention to the detail of every shot as they are very well made and I’d like to point this out.

* Characters. Each of you can create characters with well-defined attributes. You can switch from Jekyll to Hyde without any trouble. I am impressed! Both of you have an amazing capacity to do what you want in front of a camera; your performances are hilarious, unstructured, and always show us a likeably human side.

* Topics. I think I’ve spoken to you about universality (I don’t know what the proper term is). If you told stories that involve local events or people, exclusive to your country or culture, you’d be limiting your audience. However, you tell stories that are very well designed, with an original plot that can make people laugh, doesn't matter if they are English, Bulgarians or Eskimos. (Sorry, do Eskimos really exist?)

* Genre. Goshdarn is recommended for the entire world. Your humour is intelligent, mutable and non-toxic. I mean, it is precipitate and healthy, and makes us feel good.

You really have an enormous potential, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Great video! Probably my favourite.

Well done. :)

Cooperweb said...

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Fernando on winning the "Fan of the Decade" award. The rock and lifeline of the GD blog. A person who has a better command of english as a second language than do most Americans, and is not afraid to use it. Sir, your award is being delivered by carrier pigeon as I type, and will arrive within the next 26 months excluding any run-ins with hawks and other birds of prey. It is a lovely glass sculpture figurine depicting Sam beating Tom over the head with a stuffed Pikachu. And inscribed with the immortal quote "My friend, sniffing glue is not hard core." Congratulations.

On to the finale. HD was it? The clarity was outstanding. Your cameraman elevated the production to near professional, as in "could be mistaken for studio work" And I must comment that there were no overtly backlit shots that shadowed the main focus. Lighting in this one was brilliant. Hope you continue to sustain that. With this piece you have ushered in a new level of production that speaks volumes on your commitment as emtertainers and worthy of "reel" material down the road.

On the subject of plot twists and cliff hangers .. it sux2bme. lol.
I pride myself on endless useless trivia and pop culture but I have missed every twist, turn and reference within. A stand-up comedian friend of mine once said, "Why is it that when people turn 30 they look at what they are wearing in the mirror and say, that looks good, I'll go with this for the rest of my life." Well in my case I follow trends even if I seldom participate. With exception to not always knowing which rap artists are going to jail on gun charges. I just assume they all do at some point. :)
So as an outsider to the references, it felt a bit uncomfortable at first yet highly entertaining. Which is a tribute to the steadfast commitment to characters. Will you at sometime enlighten us "suxors" as to the references? And are the incredible production enhancements the wave of the future for upcoming series' and that "special project?"

Cheers to a pretty successful first series guys.

Fernando said...

You have an unbridled imagination and a colourful sense of humour! I would applaud you, but I tend to be vulnerable to sarcasm.
First, let me be clear: I don't have a great command of the English language. Only natives have this pragmatic knowledge, not those who learn the language through books. This is like driving a car, but only in theory.
My English lacks the cultural code (the code of acceptance); it is just a dead language when I speak it, and you have confirmed this to me.
I mean, if my comments were colloquial, they probably wouldn't produce an overrated effect; maybe funny, or embarrassing, or one which makes you think, 'That guy has a faltering mental life!’. But I don’t like to laugh at people to their face…
I just want you to know that I can still be a 'sane' person with a great sense of humour. So, anyway, I will accept your award! Thank you! :)

mirka said...

i love ur viDeo its funny XD and i love u super hOt tOm =7

and i like fernado, he s oo sWeet =)

trevor said...

haha ur funny. i love all of your videos!