Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Goshdarn Series 2 - It's Official!

As most of you probably know, Goshdarn Series 1 was awesome! It was nice to know that we had a set video day, and I hope that it was nice for you guys to know that a new Goshdarn video was waiting for you on a Thursday.

Based on the response, we've decided to do it again! But you've probably figured that our already...

As we've mentioned several times already, Goshdarn Series 2 is going to be Goshdarn's first time using High Definition. You could say we're losing our 'HD-virginity'. But we were never really sure if it would work or not - the Handycam we use films in a format that very few (only two that we know of) editing softwares support, and we weren't sure of all the tech stuff. However, after testing it all out, we have now discovered the format that it all needs to be in, and by uploading a test run to Vimeo, we can now confirm that Goshdarn Series 2 will DEFINITELY be all in HD! Woohoo!

As before, we'll be doing a video a week for six weeks - every Thursday here and on Vimeo, and every Saturday on YouTube. Unless we forget/our internet connection annoys us.

And now the date for our first video can be confirmed - the 21st of May!

... I'm pretty sure that's a Thursday ...



Fernando said...

What a heartwarming coincidence! Would you believe it if I said that May 21st is also a Thursday where I live? This is, in spite of the fact that everything comes with delay down here. Just a few weeks ago, after finding a brochure about the incredible benefits of civilization, I stopped using a helmet and sword ...

However, the HD handycams seem to have caught on in the northern markets. As I've told you on a previous occasion, I also would like to lose my virginity ... my 'HD-virginity', of course! But the handycam model that I want to purchase isn't available yet in the immaculate Baires stores.
I don't know if this is because the local currency is now comparable to a handful of peas or is because the southern whales have devoured the shipments containing the cameras ...
Maybe, if a whale swallowed me, as it did Mr. Geppetto, I could get the handycam that I'm looking for. But unfortunately, I'm not an Italian carpenter and I haven't got a wayward wooden son ...

However, my precious friends, I promise not to be in a whale's stomach - at least, during these glorious weeks. I'm going to take a nice seat, candles from Guangxi, a ton of popcorn (at the ready) and prepare myself to enjoy the new series that will be another great voyage!

A Zeppelin of love for you!

Fernando said...

Plea Monologue

I breathe deeply, relax and drink my herbal tea in dainty sips – while I seem to levitate during the bittersweet happiness of the Berg’s opera. Ahhhh the universe works perfectly without Goshdarn!

... But who am I kidding?! I don't have the patience of a Tibetan! I miss your twisted humour!
Tom, Sam, why do I love you so much? You made me enthusiastic; I’ve never been enthusiastic before! So, [violin appassionato] I can't wait until May 21st: it’s a long time to be in agony! Consider your sacral community – we can't stop being breastfed. If you leave us without videos for such a long time, we might become normal people … That would be terrible! So, I need a quick bite, just another injection with goshdarnic morphine before returning to being sad and become a pumpkin again!

For the love of God, [aphonic voice of supplication] could you give us just a small screenshot, a sneeze in front of the camera (oh, maybe not, it could transmit swine-flu) just something?

But seriously, we miss you! :)

mirka said...

_&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& ?
&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& ?
&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& ?

gOsh-darn sEries 2!!! grEat!!!

// gOd, i'D lOve to haVe a fAn as fernAndo, he's sO sWeet!!!