Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Desolate Wasteland

It seems that the Goshdarn website has started to develop similar symptoms to that of a neglected child.

Sorry for the lack of posts in this vicinity, and also, sorry for not warning you beautiful people of the situation in which we find ourselves.

If you've been checking your calender and counting down the days to Series 3, much as my brother has been, you'll be wee-weeing in anticipation for Goshdarn Series 3 to commence in about 12 minutes.

However, as does rarely happen, we are unprepared for the coming storm.

We have one video waiting in line, and it has been for about a month now, and we have another two videos in the wings, not yet edited, but fantastical nonetheless.

Now, granted, we could unleash this one video upon you and watch you, well, react how you normally do, but we feel a little reluctant to do so, seeing as we have none ready otherwise, and would have only a week to work our magic. We're both very busy people.

So, we're going to wait a little bit, but hopefully not too long, because we're just as impatient as you are.

So, thanks for your patience, and we'll let you know what's going down some time later. Cheers gang.



cooperweb said...

And how was , as your dad would say, "The big apple"?

Fernando said...

I was in a carpeted room playing Guess Who? with John McCain, when a messenger on horseback brought me the news of your return. Overcome with emotion, I shed a single tear on a silver tray.

Throughout your absence, I've been infinitely bored and I haven't had anything to do. I resumed my Sunday strolls with Mr Utterson, painted some Faberge eggs, cut labels for the canned sweets and reread my Where's Wally? books - although it lacked the same excitement the second time, after I’d highlighted Wally with a fuchsia crayon…

But now that the litany of my days has been broken, my eyes light up knowing that you’ll restart the chores in the house. Perhaps what is missing are sanded and painted walls, repaired damp patches and a replacement for the cracked glass in the central skylight - but this station in any way is a desolate wasteland! Or perhaps you know of a more creative, original place than this in the world?!

There are those who declare there was a similar one in Persia, but they lie. I love this place; it is - was, and always will be - my favourite site on the net!

Please continue to keep us updated with your work, and remember I will always love you and support you. Although to do that, I'd have to dodge the bullets of my detractors. The train scene was difficult; I know MacGyver would have done it better...


Peace to everyone.

Fernando said...

Hey guys, it’s been a long time since I've heard from you. I’ve also been neglecting my ‘phlegmatic’ fan role - I'm sorry.
Is there something you'd like to tell us about your upcoming videos? I love you - I hope GD will start soon.


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