Sunday, 28 June 2009

The Hammock Saga - Series 2 Finale!

Sorry it's late all you wonderful people. Well, it's not late to YouTube, but it's late to here. I would have uploaded it but I was in a hurry - it was my birthday on Thursday.

Although this video isn't as much of a climactic twist as last series, but it's still pretty awesome. Let's face it. We could never live up to THAT.

Also, one more apology. We're unfortunately not finished with the choreography of our dance, and so it won't be a part of Series 2. As you've probably realised by now.

Anyway, enough teasing. Time for some pleasing. Here's the magnificent video.


Fernando said...

Now that I have calmed down and stopped laughing so much, I’m able to sit down and write.

I can't believe this! That video couldn't have been more hilarious! You guys couldn't be funnier! I was expecting the Yugoslav prima ballerina, but this auxiliary banquet has taken me by surprise.

I love this video in each of its comical incidents; not only because of the impossible relationship between you and the hammock, I love the whole scenario.
The lonely green, the dogs and Tom's satirical voice remind me of some golden moments of childhood: the stubborn kid who forced his friend to be included in his new game - against the will of the other. The other, a good-natured boy, becomes a victim who is acting only to please his friend and is always looking for an opportunity to escape. If you look at seven or eight year old kids, you’ll notice that this sweet parody is similar to an every day scene.

Guys, I’m content. I continue stupefied with your creativity and amazed at everything you can do. I didn’t think it was possible a video with such ‘humorous radiation’ only using an object as simple as a hammock!

That's what I like most about you, that you don’t require significant resources to make us laugh. You don't need to create a background or use masks and costumes, because what makes us laugh is the situation created solely by your presence.

Your wittiness can be as incomparable as it is only using primary colours! You can make us see daily life objects seem like they are wondrous and new. With a simple excuse, no matter whether it is: scissors, a hammock or even a piece of broccoli, you can make an overjoyed video!
Honestly, you can’t imagine how this fascinates me... You can turn a stone into a joke!

All this can be described only with a word, a lovely noun that defines you in detail… but I don't remember what that word in English is…


mirka said...

hAppY bIrThdAy

i hAvE tHe saMe opiNion as feRnAndo aBout yOu gUys
yOu gUyS aRe grEAt!!!


feRnAndo, tHe woRd is AMaZiNG

Fernando said...

Oh, thanks Mirka; that's very kind of you.

Excuse me. Between you and I, there can’t be people who hate these two guys. Don't you think? Even from an objective point of view, they’re intrinsically lovable...


mirka said...

iT's tOO cUtE tHe wAy yOu sAy tHinGs, fErnAnDo
i dO aGreE, tHeY aRe cOOl!!!!!

Anonymous said...

fernando, you sound like a stupid 12 year old fangirl --shut the fuck up , and stop humilating yourself

Anonymous said...

Oh that was mean.
Don't worry Fernando, on the internet you may take on your green fairy costume and admire even Ernie and Bert if you like.

Tom said...

Oh, that's what you were reffering to when you said you weren't free to express yourself.
I hope this guy realises that he's going to be the victim of some witty comeback... Real soon... As soon as I get in touch with Sam.

Fernando said...

That’s very kind of you, Tommy, but please don't do it my friend.
As I've said before, responding to such people is not proper. Believe me, when I was in school, I fought with many guys to defend my friends that were in similar situations. By reacting to a person who only seeks to harm without any reason, you’re giving him and his actions importance.
By giving him your minimal feedback, this guy will seek to start a discussion.
Discussion, like criticism, is decent and necessary only when there is a solid foundation and a framework of respect that supports it. If someone attacks without reason, participating in their game is just demeaning oneself.
Vicious and unsubstantiated discussion is unworthy and miserable. It might be trivial, but we can't be partakers of indecorous acts. These small gestures define our condition.
Look, I don’t think we can love our enemies, but we can appeal to indifference.
You’re a sweet person, and Sam is too, so don’t be corrupted by this. Please.

Forget it. Tell us something about the new series.