Sunday, 14 December 2008

Christmas is Coming!

The goose is getting fat, as they say in the song.

So, it finally dawned on me - it's that time of the year. I wasn't very sure before, but now that me and Sam have started to think about our CHRISTMAS SPECIAL VIDEO everything seems to be falling into place.

This year's video is going to be no dissapointment! We've written... Well, should I really say? Okay, fine. We've written a song about Christmas. It's awesome. I'm saying no more... Despite the fact that I really want to write all about how awesome it's going to be.

So, you'll hopefully have seen our new video by now. If not, here it is:

Although we filmed that ages ago, we've only just uploaded it due to reasons that Sam has already explained. And despite common belief and urban legend, we're not throwing in the towel yet. Unfortunately for you guys.

I've come to a quick conclusion that Sam and I need to make a promo video for the new website. It's hard to gauge how many people are visiting it for two reasons...
a) Because we have no hit counter... Although I'll put one on now that I think about it...
b) Because not everybody that visits leaved a comment. Please leave a comment.

I think that's everything covered for now... Erm, hopefully we'll have the Christmas video up on time. Or at least by New Year...


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Amherstmotion said...

Don't Give Up Your Day Jobs; just joking. You lads are doing a fine job. May I suggest you do a short video in a park or garden setting and another video representing a fictional TV news broadcast. Perhaps done in front of a busy public building or even outside your school. Having people moving and talking in the background adds drama and life to the video. Even a video near a busy street corner. Keep up the good work and Happy Christmas from Nova Scotia, Canada !