Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Who Wears the Trousers?

So, I'm sure a lot of people have been wondering who wears the trousers in the Goshdarn relationship. Well, these shocking images will give you your answers...

Unfortunately, we couldn't hide our true selves forever - with the paprazzi following us everywhere, something was bound to slip. And this was it... Well, at least now we know who's the REAL man in this duo.

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Fernando said...

Oh dear God(damn)! These teens grow up too fast! He he he he...
To... BIG TOM! The-Man! So... you're actually a superhero! Why you deceived us. I was wrong to assume that you and I had in common, among other things, a similar sports hatred. Well, at this moment that we know your genuine roles... and you 'include' a titanium carcass... I have fear to talk with you, excuse me dear... I want to see my mommy! - It's a joke. This picture is too comical!
Oh... Sam!?... How you doin'? Ciao cara mia, mi piacciono troppo le donne di Inghilterra... What are you doing on Saturday night? I'll go for you at eight o'clock. There are a lot of restaurants in my country to this 'parallel kind' of LADIES... Oh, and I've got two tickets for Elton John & James Blunt's concert! Au revoir!


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