Sunday, 14 June 2009

Superhero Interviews

We're sorry it's late... But here it is - wonderful beautiful sexilicious Goshdarn!

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Fernando said...

Once, you may have gravitated towards those moments of harmony, such as when the sun rises in the East, and falls in the West, and the whole thing seems to reach a perfect proportionality. Well, this is what my last four or five days have been like. Recent events have occurred so 'saturated by normality' that my fraught soul, instructed by the madness, began to have a medical condition.

Without warning, this video has erupted into the Milky Way, and all the blood returned to my veins. Now I'm blissful again - as I've received the Host representing the GoshDarn’s body.

I, who had flooded the ground with tears since my favourite superhero removed his account, found myself built in to the computer screen, enjoying this frabjous nonsense and laughed like a child as if I had come across Goshdarn for the first time.

This was because Tom and Sam have never changed. These superheroes are so futile and ridiculous and, at the same time, so lovable and genuine that only these two innate comedians could have portrayed them.

Do you want to know my favourites? Sure, in a moment... It's freezing here. Right now, I'm coming to the 'death zone' of the Himalaya and, in a few hours, I'll have reached the top of the Sagarmatha (or Mount Everest), just to scream to the world my love for Goshdarn.

You think this isn’t necessary? I say it is, because mine is a passionate love.

Some people consider that there are diverse forms of love:
- “You can't say love to a friend”, they argue “it sounds a bit strong”… Cruel people!
I believe that there is only one type of love, and it can't be classified the way Linnaeus would share love in a family, love with friends, love with lovers and all those stupid taxonomies. Love is just one, and when I say love, I mean LOVE.

Okay, my favourites are ... Oh God, an avalanche!