Thursday, 4 June 2009

Sam's Last Sleepover ... EVER!

After a shocking discovery, Sam has to sleep over at Tom's. Unwillingly.

Is it just me that feels it's sad to know that we're half way through Goshdarn Series 2...?

Sorry the video is so abnormally big, but it's in full HD. And that makes it necessarily huge.



Fernando said...

This is an archetype of how we can find the solution to certain problems of everyday life through appealing to a model of pure Troglodyte Praxis. It presents a problem by being 'irrationally and instantaneously resolved' – such as the ancient cavemen did. If one of their offspring cried at night, they would garrote him, throw him off of a precipice and continue to sleep peacefully. No one practiced this denatured use that now many people do with that organ placed in the skull. No one sat on a red bathtub to speculate about what would be the appropriate moral decision for a certain problem.

Who installed guilt in human beings? We don’t know exactly. However, this historical video proves that the human race needed thousands of years of evolution to get rid of the guilt, ethics, and all that crap.

I find this specimen irresistible, as I am in love with the complete saga of 'Sleepover' videos. We require more of these volumes to edify a new consciousness in humankind, so each person can experience the healthy pleasure, the candid emotion of solving problems in a Gosh style.


mirka said...

sO fuNNy!!!!!!!! GrEAt viDEo gUYs!!!!!!!!