Thursday, 18 June 2009


So, as you'll see in this video, Goshdarn are stepping it up! That's right! We're using a cool white background!


cooperweb said...

Lol. Tom, your Prank'd theme song is too funny. It's like on-hold muzak.
Well funny guys.

Fernando said...


Sorry it took me a while to respond.
Look, I don't know how to say this… you know, ever since I met you, you guys have always had my support. I never ceased to be honest with you and I don’t want this to be an exception. So I want to tell you the truth, and not lie to you.

Tom and Sam, this video has disenchanted me a bit. To be completely sincere, I don't like it. Just because it is out of the compass; far from the stylish tradition of your humour... it is merely a repetition of the ritualistic and harmful American-humor.
Also, let me tell you that you’ve not spent any mental resources to make this video; you even put little effort (just a white background) and... You know, it saddens me to say this, dear friends, but I think I'll no longer give you my support if you continue making videos like this.

Sorry guys and I would send you a big hug if you believed in this spurious story, because this was just a

[Cue music, thank you]

Of course what I said was all a lie. I could never say something like that to you! You guys never cease to amaze me!

All in all, this video is one of the most enjoyable exemplars of your magnificent reserve!

You complement each other really well, and every time you appear together is as unpredictable as it's always heartwarming for me to see you together having fun and making us enjoy it too.

Is it just me or does it seems as though Series 2 has gone too fast? Only the last video remains to be watched, of which we have the advancement that it will be choreographed… I can't wait until Thursday to see that dance!


Goshdarn said...

Oh dear God... I nearly cried there Fernando...
Whoa... Don't do that...


Fernando said...

LOL - I can't believe you fell into my trap!

But seriously, did you really believe what I said? …Hey, how could I say something like that to you?! I would never do anything to hurt you! Even if I didn't like one of your videos, I would never say something like that… it was very hurtful!

I would cry too if someone told me that!


mirka said...

hAhAhA!!! ExCellEnT.
I wiLL wAtCh tO tHe eNd oF tHe seRies