Tuesday, 19 May 2009

48 Hours!

It's that time again! The countdown until Series 2 begins NOW!

Well, in reality, it's been going on since the end of Series 1, but hey, why not rekindle the countdown?

This Thursday, the madness begins all over again, and Goshdarn Series 2 hits the website and Vimeo, with our first HD video, Breaking News. Then, on Saturday, all you people too uncool to visit either Vimeo or goshdarn.co.uk will be able to catch it on YouTube.

Please keep the support coming, keep watching and keep commenting on all our videos, and most of all, keep loving us!

We love you, and hope you enjoy Goshdarn Series 2 this Thursday!



Cooperweb said...

Well good luck through the new series. Your post reads like a pro P.R. release. A fallback career perhaps? Lol. GL

Fernando said...

"If I've already survived - as a stout-hearted castaway - these long and murky days, 48 hours is not too long to wait. However, [worn voice] I've lost several pounds, I'm anaemic, and I can't write. Do you reckon I'll still be alive this Thursday?"

After speaking with obvious difficulty, Fernando drags himself until he falls in the warm sand. Some flies buzz around his blond hair...