Saturday, 23 May 2009

Breaking News

Breaking News! Goshdarn are dead!

Oh, I'm kidding, relax! Breaking News is just the name of the first video in Goshdarn Series 2, which you can finally watch right here, right now!

Unfortunately, because our other favourite video site Vimeo is playing up with our formatting, the video isn't available in HD quite yet, but fear not, Goshdarn fans! We're working on the problem and soon all will be well. We'll post the video here in HD as soon as we can.

Until then, enjoy the horrible quality of YouTube. Sorry Google.



Cooperweb said...

Superb guys. Love the green screening and the jump in quality is very noticeble. And it's funny as!
What an unbelievably goofy announcer name you came up with. But quite an explosive start for your new series. And as usual Sam gets a line in that jumps me with a surprise lol. "my god, have a tic-tac."
Great job, outstanding production. I'm going to go make sure that Google didn't buy up Vimeo.

Fernando said...

I decided to resist the anxieties that devouring me like birds of prey and have a picnic on Vimeo until the aperture video came. My dog ate his frisbee and everything that was in the basket. I fell into a creek while I was trying to pick up a stupid remote control boat.

Despite these misadventures, what I was expecting had finally emerged. However, an untimely thunderstorm forced me to pack up my camp. Translated into less metaphorical English, it means that I had to shut down my modem and discard it the next day. Therefore, I’ve finally seen the video today on board my new NETGEAR RangeMax WPN824 (which seems to fly like a Kazaa) and, as usual, I’d like to announce my verdict.

I've promised Tom that I’ll be more moderate in my compliments. This means nothing but having to repress my irrepressible desire to write with excitement that "Breaking News" was a happy epic, a twinkling extract of the most stark and beautifully absurd humour,
and that it made me laugh with ‘expectorant violence’,
and that the performances were more than realistic and spontaneous,
and that it’s always a delight to hear you talk with such an impeccable phonetics,
et cetera.

So I just want to write about five little things that I enjoyed, in no particular order:

1) The spontaneity achieved in the first scene, which was superbly acted, and the fact that your heads were cut off. 2) The realism achieved for the recreation of the news show (art, music, logo, video effects, and two incredible reporters). 3) The scandalous weatherman scenes. What humiliating exposure! [Strident laugh]. 4) The fact that the main reporter had a black tie instead of a coloured one, which is no coincidence (my theory of the opposites never seems to fail). 5) The main journalist's sarcastic smile when he turns his head to look at his opponent.

What a video!

I'd like to finish with a quote from one of the greatest military commanders and one of my favourite idols, the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte: “Great battles are won with artillery”
…I like his style. :)