Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Dimension Problems

Unfortunately our first video of Series 2 wasn't our best. Well, some viewers have said that it WAS our best, but if only the dimensions were a little better. We unfortunately had problems with both sites that we use to host our videos - YouTube and Vimeo.

Problems with YouTube were many. The video was absolutely tiny, and the quality was poor. And there wasn't a HD option, despite the video being in HD.

Vimeo problems weren't as prominent, but were noticeable nonetheless. Again, the dimensions were all off - the whole video made us look fat(ter than usual). I mean, I personally could stand to gain a little weight, but Sam is perfectly proportionate.

However, after a harcore lack of sleep last night, I can safely say that these problems have been eliminated. I have discovered the correct dimensions whilst being able to maintain the video's HDness.

The next video of Goshdarn Series 2 will appear here in standard definition, and on Vimeo in its full HD glory. We hope you enjoy it, as we're staying up all night tonight filming the rest of Series 2 and editing until out mouse-clicking fingers fall right off.

Thanks for everybody's ongoing support with the many problems that combine to form Goshdarn!


1 comment:

Fernando said...

I'm glad you have found the solution to these technical hindrances. Anyone who strives for perfection has two cavernous circles under their eyes and a monstrous pulled muscle in their back, ready to be the main star in a Tim Burton's movie...

Despite this, the results are plain to see. You can enjoy your well deserved rest while we plunge into the crystalline waters of the HD!

Sweet dreams :)