Thursday, 28 May 2009

Tom's Real Father

So, it's that day again - Thursday! And time for another HD Goshdarn video!

If you're watching this on Thursday, then the quality may not be so good - that's because YouTube takes a while to process videos and read the HD and high quality specs. But it should be working soon!

As you may also have noticed, we don't normally release videos to YouTube on Thursdays. Why now, you say? Because, well, most of our viewers subscribe to us on YouTube, and so we feel that it's only fair to make sure that they get to see our videos first. And with YouTube's new(ish) HD allowance, you can see it ASAP in HD! Awesome!



Fernando said...

Because I'm a little slow, when I first saw this video, I couldn't appreciate a number of essential details that characterise, in my view, this new genre of 'mystical humour'. With all my focus on the opening dialogue, one of the most jesting scenes in the Goshdarn history went unnoticed right in front of my eyes.

Once again: the opposites stand as a leitmotif of your own humour. There is never a symmetrical relationship between you and, in this case, there is a hierarchy of roles. Tom embodies the naive, gullible boy. With the excitement of a child, he runs to his friend and puts full confidence in him as if he were a Hindu spiritual teacher.
Sam is the wise and arrogant friend who seems to have won all the battles of life and he demonstrates the attitude of a man who is beyond good and evil.

Before the ghost scene (and the sudden and disconcerting exchange of interlocutors), there were a number of frames that seemed to slip past but still signify - as in a detective story - which is the key to the humour in this video.

If you're not Mister Magoo (unlike me), you can see clearly that the video begins with Sam sitting on an empty table, and looking – with the same contemplation of an artist – at a fruit which seems to be a tangerine. When he is about to bite it, Tom appears; but in the next shot, this fruit becomes a banana and then transforms into a plum. After that, he lies down at the table - like someone who has burned Rome for the third time - so that Tom puts a grape in his mouth. (I love the way that Sam plays this character).

Both this exquisite illusion and the video as a whole make me less and less worried about the challenge of writing in another language for fear of looking ridiculous.
All this turns me into someone who can’t disregard what you do at your age; into someone who can’t avoid writing in your blog and bestow on you the reverence you deserve.

I love and admire you greatly and I congratulate you on your work for the umpteenth time.

mirka said...

wELl dOnE GuYs, AmAZinG VidEo!!!!!!!!