Thursday, 21 May 2009

Insert Series 2 HERE!

As much as I love Vimeo, sometimes it can be a little bit awkward. After all, this is now the third time I've tried to upload the first video of Series 2.

What sucks more is that because of my computer's rubbishly low amount of RAM, when I'm uploading a video, it stops me from doing anything else. I'll have to make do with literature.

Maybe after I check Facebook. And Twitter...

Sorry, but it looks like this video may be a little later than expected. Hopefully not too much, though! It should be on by the end of tonight, providing Vimeo sorts itself out. Shudder...



Fernando said...

"If an unusual amount of time has passed, and the HD version is still not up, make sure you are using our recommended compression settings and try again. Please be advised that in order to receive the HD treatment, your HD video needs to be greater than 4:3 aspect ratio and at least 1280 pixels wide." – Peter W. Vimeo

Guys, this is probably a format problem. It can be solved by making an adjustment to the video according to the "Vimeo guidelines". It isn't just to reduce the file size but also to set a range of technical aspects in order to match it to the suggested codification.

Did you edit the video with Sony Vegas? If you've used this program open it and make sure the video meets the requirements

If your video doesn't meet these guidelines, the best alternative is to re-render (I'm sorry).

If you adjust these gears, all should go well sirs!


Cooperweb said...

Perhaps YouTube can get first crack this time around?

Goshdarn said...

Fernando, thanks for the tip, but it should work because we've already uploaded it to see it would work, but we took it back down so nobody would see it.
Keith - Never! YouTube has got nothing on Vimeo!

Fernando said...

Ok. If you're sure that you haven't made any changes in the video coding, it would just be an upload failure.
According to what I've read, if the upload speed is slow, the Vimeo server can report an error and the loading process wouldn't be completed. Therefore, you should just try again.
Be patient, we love you.

Cooperweb said...

Aww. look at lil' YouTube, sitting there in the corner, giving you those puppy dog eyes. YouTube is sorry it peed on the rug. Look at him just staring, waiting for you to give him a nod. YouTube just wants to frolic right over and lick your face again. Poor little ..wait a minute ... what's this?
Lil Youtube seems to be ... yes, his cute lil furcoat seems to be unzipping, what the hell? OMG it's a Google monster in disguise. Holy crap. RUN people, run for your lives. We're ALL DEAD!!!! We're all freaking .. AAUUGGHH.
(Okay ..good choice I guess)