Thursday, 19 March 2009

Bathroom Break and Series 2 News!

So here I am, at my desk, eating a McVitie's Penguin, and wondering to myself, what's so awesome about Thursdays? Then I remember... New Goshdarn videos!

Bathroom Break from Goshdarn on Vimeo.

Now, I know we're only three videos in to Series 1, but I've got some exciting news about the next series.

Yesterday I got a new Sony Handycam. I won't bore you with the technical mumbo-jumbo (mostly because I don't understand it myself) but I will tell you this one thing...

Sony Handycams, or at least the one I have, are HD. This means that as of Series 2, Goshdarn videos will be filmed in HD. Now, whether or not they are uploaded to here or Vimeo or YouTube or what-have-you is a different matter, but it's definitely going to be utilized to the full extent that it can be. We've unfortunately done all the videos for Series 1, so there won't be any HD Goshdarn videos for now, but hopefully Series 2 will see a new dawn, and maybe even before that - Goshdarn's birthday is the 15th of April, so there's sure to be a new video then.

That's about it though. Oh, but before I forget...

What's a penguin's favourite Aunt?


According to McVitie's, that's the quality of humour that's acceptable these days. Shocking.



Jake said...

Eating threatened species now, are we?

No, seriously, what is a McVities penguin.

Goshdarn said...

A biscuit. A chocolate biscuit!

Cooperweb said...

Ah, I like this new video. A bucket of chuckles and a couple left hook gafaws.

[Story side] is your own brand of randomness. It's your thing and you do it very well. I would call it a high spirited randomness. And you have made it your recognizable style.
You make die hard fans think to themselves ... "didn't see that coming" Cheers.

[Technical side] As usual, your two shot setups, sans camera person are framed well.
Very admirable is your gift for soundtrack. Where most might pop in a favorite noise band song, your's always feel movie soundtrack-like and always fits the scene. The action shots were handheld with that in-the-action shakeness and worked very well.
Maybe I'm the only one who actually laughed at the time blend fades to stretch the stair climb scene. It worked, it fit, and it was funny.
[Humour] Okay this is just an observation .. Sam has this knack of delivering a fast scene change line such as going from "drift" to "bathroom break" much like the "Goodnight Tom" pace changer from a few vids ago. And, on the other hand, when someone needs to have something smeared all over their face ....
lol. (That's a joke btw.) Even if it's true as well. lol.

Anyway, overall I think your viewers will like this one very much. It's so gosh darn, Goshdarn.

Cooperweb said...

(update: I just noticed your opening 2 shot scenes were handheld. Oops. But they did well so ...)

Fernando said...

We distrustful of him from the primary instant; just as we conjecture, in his overexcited disposition, a behavioural phenomenon, far from what we normally expect of the human nature, a demential aura that is drastically different from the mental fortitude and serenity of Tom’s character (and this is an exquisite secret, portrayed wonderfully by the actors!)

Tom seems to concentrate on the game, but acts like a young man in a perfect mental condition. There is an abyss between Sam and him. The temperamental antagonism is iniquitous.

Sam seems to have escaped from a black hole of the Stephen King's cranium. His character is one of pure nervous secretion, like a wild horse (sublimely interpreted by our artist, which makes us laugh until we cry at his verbal onomatopoeia).

Suddenly, a biological precipitation of our schizophrenic friend interrupts the game, and the trigger effect is caused by a recurring event common in the daily life: a fact that may cause anger, even in the most docile being.

It’s believed that the death of the Hindus in a Camp in Calcutta, about thirty years ago, wasn’t caused by leprosy but a rampage that started when Mother Teresa saw that there was no more toilet paper in the bathroom. That triggered an event leading to fourteen people being hacked in a fit of rage.

It is an unfortunate episode for our dear friend (since deceased). But Sam is not guilty and shouldn’t go to jail; any Christian would have done what he did! The Forensic Police Department is analyzing the crime.

I've already sent funeral wreaths. But I thought of sending chocolates, that - I suppose - is what he would have preferred. We will miss you Tom! He was a good boy, such good boy... [Disconsolate tears].

I'll travel tomorrow to attend the funeral. My deepest condolences to Tom’s family.


Cooperweb said...

I just Googled McVitie's, and yes I have that much time on my hands. On this site
I found it odd they are referred to as digestibles. Is there a problem in the UK of people eating things non-digestible to the extent that it must be made clear? Also I found their redundant description funny "The chocolate covered cookies are covered in creamy chocolate."
That's like saying .. "The dumbass president Bush is a creamy dumbass."
So, are McVitie's really the most popular in UK as advertised? When I am in Europe I live on Cadbury bars, Guinness and espresso. Except in Belgium where there is an abundance of fine chocolate and local beers.

Fernando said...

However, let me make a marginal note.

The distinction between ‘digestible’ and ‘non-digestible’ is relevant in your example:

‘The dumbass president Bush is a NON-DIGESTIBLE creamy dumbass’.

(Happily, there are no armed forces in the legendary Chemin de la Chocolatière).