Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Goshdarn are Gay

That's right, we're coming out, apparently.

Whilst looking through some old videos on YouTube - specifically 'In T3h W1ldeey' - I chuckled to myself at the hilarity of Goshdarn. But when the video ended, and the links to related videos appeared, I witnessed something that did NOT make me laugh. Well, it did a little. My exact thoughts were:

'This is going on the blog!'

And this is what it was...

'The Truth Is Out...I Admit I'm Gay'. On behalf of the world: WTF?! That's fine if this 11 year-old, or so he appears, is coming out. Good for him. Stop hiding from the world, man! But what has that got to do with our video? Let's find out...
The tags for this video are the following:
goshdarn, sam, walls, tom, rippon, wilderness, wildy, gangster, lost, runescape, tv, show
And the tags on his video are:
the, truth, is, out, I, admit, I'm gay, Hugh, admits, he's, xxgamingmazterxx
HOW ARE THESE RELATED?! Somebody, please tell me. I'm actually asking you people, comment and tell me! I'm genuinely confused. And not about my sexuality, ha ha, funny!
I just don't understand. What are the point in tags if they link to totally irrelevant videos...?
And what's more, why can't I go onto a new line when I'm writing this?!
The world is messed up...


Anonymous said...

Clearly this is YouTube's way of informing you that you're queer as a three dollar bill (though maybe "queer as a nine bob note" might be more appropriate, given that you're English) - you just haven't realized it yet. :P

Actually, I think YouTube might relate videos on the basis of shared viewership (that is to say, if, by and large, the same people who watched video A also watched video B, the videos will show up as related, even if their respective tags are different). Could be mistaken about that though.

Fernando said...

What a brave kid! I think it's too little to… Oops, that's away from the point/off topic...
Coincidentally, Tom, yesterday I read in a Technology Magazine that YouTube will provide the possibility to edit (select /delete) the related videos that are promoted.
However, this can already be done. But you need to open the toolbox and ‘deconstruct’ the HTML map. This is not complicated and, if you are interested, I can even send you the instructions by email. But it's not recommended yet.
The Google search engine, adopted by YouTube, is a semantic model of interrelations in which recent research into artificial intelligence is based. But, sometimes, it seems that decisions on the related videos are made in a tavern. “Hey! Moe, how should we link this video?”. Funny!
In this involuntary web (without spider) I've seen, after a wonderful speech by Sir Bernard Shaw, a link to a video about a Nazi act. This could be serious if YouTube is not restricted to the tags that users choose. YouTube uses those tags that you described only to *search*. But it adds some dangerous suggestions in related videos: playlists and favourites of those who see your videos.
And, seeing it from outside, it's seems you guys are very welcome in the gay world…! Cycyg, what do you think, my friend? :D
Ha… I’m joking. Gay guys, be happy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,
I remember a "Related Videos"-list on your superhero-channel, that showed only gay and foot-fetish videos. I found that quite amusing :-D

Hugh Murrell (XxGamingMazterxX) just made fun of his haters who constantly try to bully him by calling him gay.

In fact Hugh has several things with you and Sam in common:
XxGamingMazterxX and GoshdarnProductions opened their Youtube account on April 15th... ^-^!?
OK, seriously: likeable English teenagers with a good education, an active internet presence and lots of creativity.

What distinct you from each other is: Hugh gained 10 times more subscribers and channel views in half of the time!
What doesn't mean much, as your videos belong to different genre. In my opinion your are yet undiscovered pearls. Maybe you could put more effort in promotion. Eventually more "gayness" or barefeet would help? LOL

Fernando: I hope we will meet each other as witness to Tom&Sam's marriage. :-)