Monday, 23 March 2009

Gangsta Rap Battle

Sam's on speakerphone to me right now, and we're going to engage in a super-cool rap battle for y'all.

I'm a hippety hop,
Won't stop 'til I drop,
Badass kinda dude,
And I am super rude,
So prepare to be nanged,
Cuz here come my gang,
We're gonna pwn you,
There's nuffin yous can do!

You know I don't stand for your bizzle,
Because I'm the rizzle nizzle fizzle,
I like to play with the dawgs,
Because they don't judge me for who I am,
My jeans aren't too tight,
To contain all my might,
You're gonna get beat-down,
When I'm around town.

I'll pop a cap in your face!

I'll get you with a large mace!
I'll beat you in a game of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yes, you're probably correct because I've never played it.

Sam just realised that we could turn this into a video! It'd be awesome!

Thanks for listening, peace out dawgs!



Fernando said...


If I am not mistaken, Benedict XVI - who is a fashion Pope - has issued a decree (or Motu Proprio) that an unimpeachable Urban Dictionary should be available on the Internet. Otherwise, I wouldn't have understood a word of what these (apparent) vandals/noblemen were trying to express! Now, I can throw on the bonfire my 20 volumes of The Oxford English Dictionary…

Poor English language, so cultured and refined, what have these barbarians done to you? And I am not referring to the Americans! :D

But I must confess that when I understood this Battle Rap, I laughed a lot.
A video of the rappers in an alley would be great!

I can think of an idea that you may find funny. It would be two gangs: a gang of Sams and a gang of Toms, each with a leader. It would be hilarious! What do you think?
Anyway, it's just an idea. You have a better imagination than I do.

Keep creating, my friends!

Goshdarn said...

Nice idea Fernando! But we'd have to get loadsa people who look like me and Tom, or get some good editing equipment...


Cooperweb said...

Is Goshdarn PC or MAC? There are two ways you could accomplish it .. well three if you knew loads of people that looked like you both ...which I am thinking, probably not. lol.

Goshdarn said...

PC, and we're hoping to get some new software so we can edit in HD! (yay)


Fernando said...

Sam, you're absolutely right, my friend! I never think about things that seem plausible. I am a little fanciful. But you can stay calm because I've already fallen off the flying dragon and my mate Atreyu now works in a service area. Globalization has affected Fantasia, it has now become a casino…
I sought to find an excuse to try out this funny effect where you would be multiplied. There are video softwares that can do it: cut and embed in the same screen.
Anyway, it was a comment on the sidelines. Ignore me and stay happy with your work.