Tuesday, 3 March 2009

This Thursday...

Sam was supposed to tell you all about this, but he hasn't yet, and time is ticking, so it's probably best that I let you know myself!

I'm currently sitting in my Media room, with Karen looking over my shoulder in anticipation. Jordan is stroking my face, but that's normal.

Anyway, as some of you may have noticed... IT'S FREAKIN' MARCH!

If you're a clever-clogs (unlike Karen) you may have realised that it's time for Goshdarn to release their first video of 2009!

It'll be on the website on Thursday the 5th of March, and YouTube on the Friday after. It's freakin' off the hook/wall etc.

It's about time that they're all released, so prepare for the most exciting and awesome six weeks of Goshdarn history!


1 comment:

Fernando said...

Yes! March has finally arrived and has brought with it winds that make the Goshdarn's flag fly like a kite through the sky! And with the arrival of some new faces on your blog. Fortunately, no Spaniards...
There is one good thing about the long wait: it builds up anticipation in your visitors, it create expectations. The wait is as important as the videos. People are excited to see what new material you are going to post. This suspense - or prior stimulation - is invaluable, and you have been able to bring it about so effectively! Congrats!
I wish you the best in the official avant-première of your videos in the coming weeks. I hope they will have a significant impact here and on YouTube.
In my opinion, the main part is that you can expand the limits of your capacity for expression and that you can develop your already wonderful potential -that is; the "solid nucleus" of your own hilarity. I think you have a great skill in the ‘art of spontaneity’, and I know the Goshdarn's engine can produce more and more attractive sketches. You are on your way to great things!

Good luck and cheers for Goshdarn!