Thursday, 5 March 2009

New Video! Hoorah!

Howdy Folks! It's me! That loveable scamp, Sam!

Yup. I remembered to do this! All on my lonesome!

...I definately did not phone up Tom crying for help. Nope. No sir.

Anyway, enjoy. It's the Goshdarn Show!



Cooperweb said...

Hey you gosh darn Goshdarner's. G'luck with the new series. Nice "branding" with the logo /tee color coordination. And as always, perfect music choices. Drop a note soon and let me know how things are going. Or as your gangsta badass selves might say, 'Holla at cha boi'

Fernando said...

Howdy, loveable scamp! What a joy, man!
Oh my god! Now I realise why you were so obsessed with "edition, edition and edition"..! This explains everything! I've watched it several times.
I am speechless... It's an extraordinary video, so dynamic and very funny!
I will not dwell on technical issues, but I must congratulate you on the exceptional music, the choice of shots and the editing: they are simply perfect!
It is like a trailer that comes as an addition to the latest photos posted. It also gives a new profile of the two children that you were a few years ago which makes it clear that you have renewed the wardrobe assistant, moved scenery and updated optical secrets. Yet the invaluable essence of my dear Tom and Sam has remained the same since the first video, despite the fact that you have now become big stars! :D
I am increasingly more happy to meet you!
This is an unexpected pleasure for me… Your film fills me with joy. Please never alter your 'seal of quality' and remain the lovable scamps that you are!
This was pure enjoyment! I liked it a lot, my friends!
A big hug to you both.


mirka said...

that's too cool!! you guys rock =D

and yu're beautiful