Friday, 20 March 2009

I have a problem... The Game.

I was going to wait a little longer to write this entry, because you may not have read the last one or watched the video, but I couldn't wait - I have a burning problem.

It's obvious to me that Goshdarn viewers are intelligent and somewhat witty individuals, otherwise why would they endure such hilarity? For fun you say? I don't think so...

Anyway, as some of you may know, there is an epidemic sweeping the nation, and as far as I know, the world. This epidemic is in the form of a game. The Game. For those of you who are unaware of The Game, let me summarise the rules for you:

1. If you think about The Game, you lose The Game.
2. If you lose The Game, you have to shout it out.
3. If somebody else loses The Game and tells you, you too have lost The Game.
4. Although this doesn't always apply, you have an hour period in which thinking of The Game doesn't make you lose. This is only after you have just lost The Game. Consider it to be a 'respawn time'.
5. You can never win The Game.

Now, at school, I have a varying amount of 'cool teachers', and one of the more cool ones has recently learnt of the existence of The Game. This was probably the biggest tragedy to befall the entire world.

In a lesson on Tuesday, he scrolled down the board, and there it was, in big chunky board-marker letters... 'THE GAME'. This caused everybody in the classroom to lose The Game. Me and a friend then decided to have our vengeance, and put a note saying 'The Game. Love Tom and Jake' in his office, where he would find it. However, he was warned of this, and as a result didn't lose. The score is now 4-1 to him, and he now has an accomplice in the form of my old English teacher.

This is where you guys come in. We need your help to foil his evil schemes. If you can come up with an original (and preferably legal) way of getting our score up, it will be very greatly appreciated. The only trick that has worked is writing it on our shoes then putting our feet up during the lesson. If you think you guys can top that, please let me know!

Sorry if I'm only just now bringing The Game to your attention.



Anonymous said...

Ha! I always wanted to do that. lol
There is only one game that is important to me: My weekly Poker game that starts in 2 hours and runs till 9am. My opponents are so wealthy and careless, that I always win. The only uncertainty is how much. Last Friday it were... uhm I don't like to brag.
My professional advice: never play games you can`t win.

Cooperweb said...

A conundrum:
Any attempts to foil someone into thinking about the Game causes one to think about the Game themselves which in turn only evens the score.

Otherwise, my suggestion is to work G.A.M.E. into a oral presentation as an acronym pertaining to the subject. After listing the acronym pieces, identify the acronym by name "GAME." Won't see that coming.

An example from your earlier post on obesity could be .. four factors contributing to the rise in obesity ...
Mallo bars
Exercise avoidence

Or as we call it .. the G.A.M.E.


Secondly, get four people in a row to where a t-shirt, each with a large letter on the front when combined spells G A M E. Since it is not collectively one persons contribution, it should not count against them as a loss.

Fernando said...

You stated that who stops thinking about the game loses. Simultaneously, though, nobody can win. You said you lost, therefore I have lost too. Although being a paradox, this makes sense to me!

You'll need to summon somebody else, and this is the one executing your plans of revenge. These plans must take place in the Teacher’s Room, but this time, the two teachers that you mentioned will fall into their own trap. Of course, we need to properly design our plan, but does it seem right to you? (In the event you answer me, you will again lose the game)…

P.S. Alright, I'll e-mail you the plan if you invite me for McVitie's Penguin, glutton child!

[Aunt-Arctica: ha ha ha ha ha… ha… ha!.. Sorry to laugh now, is that just at this moment I understand the joke… but she's not a good aunt! I've seen it personally, I assure you. She fills them with oil...]


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