Sunday, 8 March 2009

Fantastic Response!

It's great to see people commenting on the new video, even if it's only like 7 comments at the moment!

I love the amount of people saying things like 'It's good to see you guys again!' and all that jazz, because it makes us feel like our efforts are appreciated. So thank you all.

Our next video is up here this Thursday, don't miss it for your life! I'm not actually sure which one it'll be, I need to speak to Sam about that, but who cares? They're all freakin' awesome!

So, in conclusion, thanks to everybody for making our comeback so worthwhile!



Fernando said...

I am happy to find that there are still some instances of ‘human transactions’ where MasterCard is not required! Thankfully, there are some things money can't buy. But you cost two pounds a month!? Except that now, with the crisis in the global markets, you've increased your tariff and send us the financial plan by correspondence…
Tom, my dear, I wish everybody was as educated as you! You don’t need to thank us, man. Our only way to reward your effort is by leaving a comment. You are at a disadvantage. The transaction is not equal: an extraordinary video in exchange for a handful of words? Think about it. It's totally uneven!
You deserve to be greeted with a big banquet, fireworks, trumpet players and coloured garlands; with beautiful cheerleaders, the whole Sgt. Pepper's Band and a colossal table of candy! Although we would like to, we can not send you all this by modem (for the time being)… but we can let you know that you have our unconditional love and remember that your efforts are always worthwhile.

mirka said...